What We Do

At Homeschool Email Marketing, we’re all about connecting our clients to the unique families in the niche market of home education.



We specialize in building e-mail lists focused on the parents of families that school from home.

100% Homeschooling

Each of our e-mails has purchased, downloaded or interacted with homeschool products and services.

E-mail Segmenting

Zero in on your target within the homeschooling audience. Segment by student age, buying patterns and location.

Data Sources

Working with multiple homeschool companies, we maintain the latest and largest lists available in this niche market.


Because we sell our e-mail lists, you can market and re-target homeschool families again and again.

More than E-Mails

Using the latest marketing options, use your purchased e-mail list to create targeted audiences on social platforms.

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Homeschool Families


Homeschool Students


Average Spend Per Student

Buy - Sell - Trade

How It Works

As a state-of-the-art data aggregation company, Homeschool E-mail Marketing’s proprietary system ensures data validation, security, and ease-of-use.

Data Proprietor

E-mails are accumulated from established and credible homeschool companies. To guarantee accurate and up-to-date contacts in our homeschool lists, all clients, both buying and selling, undergo a rigous evaluation.


Evaluation Process

  • Request a client evaluation
  • Provide all requested information
  • Process evaluation
  • Once approved, create account

Data Collection

Utilizing application programming interfaces (API), data is collected and verified. Our integrations include popular e-mail service providers (ESP) such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, SendinBlue, and more.


Collection Process

  • Connect your ESP with our system
  • Select e-mails to import
  • Determine e-mail eligibility
  • Decide to sell or trade e-mails

Data Distribution

In order to maintain integrity with our homeschool e-mail lists, qualified e-mails are only sold a maximum of six (6) times a year. Once your account has been validated, you can log in and review purchasing options.


Distribution Process

  • Segment lists by region or grades
  • Narrow list by e-mail age
  • Instant pay and downloads
  • Support in sending initial e-mails

Data Exchange

Double your efforts by trading your e-mails for new e-mails. By connecting to your e-mail service provider, select e-mail exchange and our system will instantly generate trading offers.


Important Features

  • Guaranteed new to you e-mails
  • Completely automated system
  • Connect and trade in minutes
  • Support in sending initial e-mails

Data Integrity

Whether buying, selling, or trading, Homeschool E-Mail Marketing guarantees data integrity and client privacy. Our proprietry system allows us to validate e-mail activity, age, and quality.


Integrity Guarantee

  • Homeschool e-mails validated
  • E-mail source is confidental
  • E-mails¬†gathered through API
  • E-mail data is 100% accurate

Understanding The Cost To Build Your E-Mail List

Making the Rent - Buy Decision

Smart inbound marketers can leverage a purchased e-mail list to reach hard-to-find niche audiences and drive significant brand awareness and growth in their businesses quickly.


Cost For One-Time Rental

The average rental price of a homeschool email list is $1,000 for an email send to 50,000 contacts. Based on your company promotion, marketing goals, and quality of your message and design, e-mails added to your existing list can vary greatly.

To properly determine the actual cost to add an e-mail to your list, let’s use the example of a curriculum company renting an e-mail list to promote a free e-book. On the high end, results would average:

  • 14% Open Rate: 7,000 opens
  • 16% Click Rate: 1,120 clicks
  • 38% Download: 425 emails

The cost of each new e-mail to your organization is approximately $2.35


Cost to Purchase New-To-You E-Mails

Using Homeschool E-Mail Marketing’s one-of-a-kind system, you can purchase your list and send e-mails on a schedule that best works for your promotion, organization, and end goals.

With guidance from our marketing team, we will help you develop an initial e-mail sequence that maximizes your brand awareness, drives traffic to your site, and connects with the homeschool audience.

The cost to purchase e-mails ranges from $.25 to $2, depending on e-mail age and segmentation.